Merry Christmas to everyone! This has been a busy month. Christmas, cold weather came in so had to finish up winterizing, had my npip testing, etc. The chickens are starting to pick up laying slowly, even though it's freezing. I've got japanese bantams and 2 duck eggs in the incubator due to hatch around New Years, and if another hen or two starts laying I'll be setting eggs again soon. Once I've hatched out some, and fertility is good I can finally start to sell some. I think I may even ship ducklings and chicks in the spring, and started birds in the fall. If all goes well that is. I hope everyone has a happy holiday. God bless!

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    Hi, I'm the owner of Itty Bitty Bantie Barn. I had originally planned on an information page, but I think the links page should cover most of that when I'm done. So instead I've decided to start a blog in it's place, and hopefully I can cover some information here.


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