It rained a lot this week. We needed it, but the chicken coop got a lot more rain than it needed. So I've had a busy week cleaning and drying that up, and fixing their ditch so not so much gets to it. The city is also due to start work on the drainage around here within the next few weeks, so I'm hoping this will be the last time. The whole coop was underwater, it's never been this bad. 
I've also decided to sell my d'uccles. I love them, they are sweet little birds but I'll be happier with just a hen for eye candy than a breeding group of them. I will be attempting to hatch out some olandsk dwarfs soon, and am hoping they give me the pretty colors I like with the milles but without the foot feathers that don't mix well with waterfowl.  My seramas will be my free rangers, and I won't have to have any separate pens for them any more, except to separate out pairs for breeding if I want. So the rooster and one of his pullets will be going to a new home this weekend, and so will a few more chickens, ducklings, and goslings. I want to focus mainly on my ducks, and maybe more gamebirds or ornamental birds. I've got chukar in the incubator, I'll see how I like them if I can hatch them. If they don't work out, the next bird I'd like to add will be an ornamental pheasant, probably lady amherst. 
The first goslings from my pair of geese are hatching. I am crossing my fingers for a cute little gray or pied female gosling. I'll be keeping one, after I lost my other goose I realized I would be better having 3 geese. That way if something happens to one I still have 2, and not a lone goose. So this fall I am hoping to have 2 serama roosters, 4-5 serama girls, 5-6 assorted "layers". 2 call drakes, 6 call hens, 3 geese, 4 mandarins, and a trio of chukar, and maybe a trio of olandsk dwarfs. Slightly over my "legal" limit I'm allowed still, lol. But enough to keep me happy and not be too crowded, and few enough that I can enjoy them instead of them being work. 

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