Well, I have a lot to catch up on here. I got a lovely quad of mottled japanese bantams. They are a little over a year old. Sweet, quiet little birds. There was a mishap with their quarantine cage, so they got moved into general population sooner than expected. They appear healthy as can be though, and are adjusting well. They aren't used to free ranging, and although they've been in the main coop for a week haven't ventured out yet. The coop/pen area is about 220 sq feet though, and they have it to themselves for the most part during the day so they are happy. Quiet little birds, the roosters crow is squeaky. And so far, he's been very quiet. We'll see if that changes as he settles in, he shows quite a bit of spark every now and then. They've settled into the existing flock peacefully, no fighting at all. Ok, enough blabbing about my chickens, here are some pics. 

My serama chicks are growing, and still keeping me guessing about their sexes and colors. The oldest pullet, Marilyn, has discovered mealworms, which I've started a colony of. She now watches me whenever I am in the chick room very closely. I'm going to need to grow a lot of these, and I think I'll have some very friendly chicks. 
The ducklings prefer the wheat fodder I am growing. They go nuts over it. Have even jumped out of their brooder a few times when they see me getting it for them. I've never had ducklings jump so high. 

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