This week I've hatched out 2 adorable seramas and 6 cute little call ducklings. 2 of the ducklings were gray, and one gray pied it looks like. I'll be keeping the gray pied and gray for my breeding program. I will be adding a pair of mandarin ducks to my collection Tuesday. I'm extremely excited, I have been looking at and thinking of getting a pair for awhile now. Pics in a few days! Also, the poultry show in Sedalia will be coming up soon. I'm not showing anything, but am still attending to learn and see what goes on so I'm ready in spring. It's going to be a fun week!

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    Hi, I'm the owner of Itty Bitty Bantie Barn. I had originally planned on an information page, but I think the links page should cover most of that when I'm done. So instead I've decided to start a blog in it's place, and hopefully I can cover some information here.


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